The IoT UK Event 2019

The IoT UK Event 2019

Why attend?

The IoT UK event is aimed at people who are considering a move from the provision of “products” to “connected products”.

This seminar will include talks from established guests from the world of IoT; come and listen to technical and commercial discussions about the salient considerations of moving to such model – the Internet of Things (IoT).

Who should attend?

CEO's, CTO's, Design Engineers, IoT Architects, Software Engineers, Hardware Engineers, Project Leaders, Infrastructure Engineers, IoT Developers

Anyone who is involved with IoT or IoT planning would be suitable to attend. The free event is aimed at those making decisions, collecting data on technologies, or trying to understand where their IoT plan goes next.

What will you learn?

• Learn the clear steps towards connecting your product in a low-risk, effective and efficient way
• Investigate the challenges of connecting your product and how to overcome them
• See an array of solutions available for such challenges
• See how different parts of the solution come together

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