Webinar – Doing more with less: The ‘new norm’ for manufacturers

Doing more with less: The ‘new norm’ for manufacturers – Webinar

Manufacturers Webinar

Webinar – Doing more with less: The ‘new norm’ for manufacturers

The role Industry 4.0 can play in digitalizing Predictive Maintenance

Thursday 4th June, 2:00pm GMT+1

Where: Online (link will be sent once registered)

Guest speakers: Jan Hemper (Technical Director – InVMA), Matt Walter (Senior Controls Engineer – CooperVision)

Moving from a reactive to a Predictive Maintenance approach requires a change of mindset and structure within an organization. From the top down, the focus must shift to one of continuity and efficiency through the use of data and technology.

Traditional barriers of cost, complexity and scalability have previously prevented many manufacturers from enjoying the enormous benefits on offer such as increased efficiencies, outcomes, and productivity. However, we are now at a tipping point where new technologies such as Industry 4.0 are sweeping those barriers away.

Join us for this exciting webinar to learn:

  • The current challenges many manufacturers are facing.
  • How technology is helping manufacturers to increase efficiencies, outcomes and productivity.
  • How CooperVision has harnessed technology and maintenance practices to successfully accelerate its digitalization journey.

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