IoT: Exposing the Hidden Factory

IoT: Exposing the Hidden Factory

Even the Operations Directors of the most efficient factories know that they have parts of their operations that are not as they should be. Workarounds, re-work, scrap, waiting and other forms of waste can be a significant drain on plant performance and the bottom line. Six Sigma and Lean practitioners, are right to ask the challenging question…would your customer pay for this process if they had the choice?

The problem is that the scale and size of this waste and indicators of its root cause is often not available to the people who are best placed to take action. It’s as if the factory performance is hidden from them so they are unable to make the necessary improvements.

Exposing this hidden factory is the first step in improving the operational performance and profitability of the modern factory. The collapse in sensor, compute and communication costs and the availability of new software application platforms is reducing the cost and disruption of discovering the hidden factory so that managers and operatives can take decisive action to improve performance.

Join us to explore how new technologies enable companies to expose these Hidden Factories and capture the savings. We will be joined by a collection of PTC and InVMA’s customers who are using the technology to drive improvements in their organizations and with their own customers.

Held at the Advanced Manufacturing Centre Factory 2050 building, Sheffield the UK, you will meet the leadership from companies who have started this journey, discuss how it will be applicable in your organisation with them and think of options which will be helpful. You will also have a tour of the Factory 2050 with PTC and see some of the technology that can be deployed there.

The Event Agenda

11:30 Coffee & registration
12:00 Welcome by Paul Haimes and Pat Nash
12:10 What is the cost of a hidden factory and what is the opportunity we have?

  • What problems can access to data help us solve? What’s that worth? by Paul Brooks
  • How do we solve them when it seems one size doesn’t fit all ? by Jon Hill

12:30 Exposing the opportunity - Reducing Complexity and maintaining consistant quality with work instructions.

  • Case Study by PTC Paul Haimes

13:00 Exposing the opportunity - Predictive and Proactive Maintenance for Performance Optimization

  • Uptime platform by Howden Case Study
  • AssetMinder platform by DMS Case Study

14.00 Lunch

14:30 UK Industrial Strategy Made Smarter Review – Barriers to uptake by end users

  • by Steve Brambley Chief Executive at GAMBICA

15:30 Factory of the Future Tour

  • Howden - Augmented Reality Demo – Exposing Design data to improve operational performance
  • DMS - AssetMinder demo – Exposing data to improve uptime