JBC is one of the UK’s leading industrial aftercare providers to the energy market. The company offers a range of boiler installation and upgrade services, including statutory inspections, repairs, pipework and turn-key installations.

As part of this, JBC employs over 50 service engineers, specialised in certified boiler and energy system inspection and maintenance. They provide 24/7 cover across the UK – as such, JBC’s workforce and service portfolio are geographically dispersed and constantly on the move.


JBC was achieving its contracted service levels in responding to boiler breakdowns without any problems. Repairs were made quickly and efficiently, and customers were satisfied.

However, for every minute that these boilers were down, JBC’s customers were losing production and therefore damaging their revenue. System outages always impact the bottom line.

Since its ethos is focused on preventative maintenance, JBC always seeks to help its customers identify problems before they become major issues. As such, its new boilers have a remote monitoring system installed which enables its engineers to spot potential issues early, respond and perform planned maintenance thus avoiding damaging downtime.

However, this monitoring system was linked to a single original equipment manufacturer, and JBC’s customers were running a portfolio of different boilers, of different ages, from different manufacturers. Some still relied on analogue controls while others were using more modern equipment.

In short, JBC’s remote monitoring system couldn’t connect to all of the boilers the company was servicing. The system also didn’t link to the phone network used for managing its team of engineers, so the data JBC was able to capture did not directly connect to staff logistics.


InVMA developed a bespoke hardware package for JBC, consisting of a gateway and analogue to digital converters. The gateway streams the data collected by boilers, in real-time, to a centralised information analysis and display portal, while the analogue to digital converters enable even older boilers to become part of JBC’s connected ecosystem, solving all interoperability issues. The package was therefore standardised and can accommodate any of the boilers covered by JBC.

InVMA’s AssetMinder solution, which monitors critical equipment assets no matter where they are located, was configured to provide JBC with a clear, intuitive dashboard and alarm capability. It includes real time monitoring of fuel, water, steam and power. The instant alarm facility notifies engineers of potential problems or failures. This is an essential feature, which allows for an immediate response to minimise costly downtime in production lead environments or interruptions to critical processes.

The system is all branded with JBC “HALO”, enabling the company to offer its customers a white label remote monitoring and proactive maintenance solution.


InVMA has enabled JBC to develop a new competitive edge. “HALO” is a differentiated service offering that provides an extra level of assurance to JBC’s customers and a brand-new revenue stream for the company. Compatibility with all boiler systems – both old and new – means that JBC can offer the same peace of mind to all customers, and offer a clear migration path for customers that wish to transition to digital technologies.

Boiler service schedules are now highly contextualised and based on need. Small problems are fixed before they become disruptive, large problems are identified and responded to more quickly, and proactive maintenance schedules can take place at the most convenient time for each customer – not in the middle of a busy production schedule.

All JBC’s engineers have access to the same data remotely, which means they can share learnings and improve diagnostic times. This has resulted in improved its internal training, staff development and service enhancement.

  • Brand-new service offering and associated revenue stream
  • Proactive, predictive maintenance schedules
  • Improved fault response times
  • Instant alerts on failures
  • Minimal downtime with improved availability
  • Anticipated service requirements through predictive maintenance analytics
  • Integration with a wide range of equipment
  • Improved training and development

The InVMA AssetMinder® solution has enabled JBC to differentiate in a commoditised, crowded marketplace. HALO is a premium service and manufacturer neutral, with no interoperability issues, which is a real benefit to our customers who often have a mixed portfolio of boilers. InVMA has presented JBC with a genuine competitive edge.

Jamie BashallJBC Group Chairman


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AssetMinder® enabled JBC to differentiate in a commoditised, crowded marketplace