DEXIS and InVMA deploy Industrial IoT connected solutions with the launch of AssetMinder

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DEXIS and InVMA deploy Industrial IoT connected solutions with the launch of AssetMinder® helping customers along their digital journey

Chesterfield, UK May 11th 2021: InVMA, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology specialist is pleased to announce that DEXIS, the comprehensive provider of industrial maintenance solutions, is now offering InVMA’s SaaS asset monitoring platform AssetMinder® to customers in Belgium and France.

AssetMinder® is successfully deployed in the UK under DEXIS’s brands Hayley247 and Drive Management Services across a range of verticals including major utilities, industrials, quarries, and ports. Using AssetMinder®, DEXIS’s customers benefit from improved machine remote monitoring options and increased availability and reliability of their critical assets.

The recent COVID-19 global pandemic has increased the demand and value of remote condition monitoring. The number of DEXIS AssetMinder® installations has grown to multiple connected end customers, with thousands of data points being monitored across a vast amount of critical assets, since InVMA and DEXIS signed a partnership agreement in January 2020.

In response to this growing demand and the successful collaboration between DEXIS and InVMA, AssetMinder® is now available to customers across Belgium and France. Asset-Minder® will support DEXIS’s Predictive Maintenance and Reliability Services. A stage 2 rollout is planned for DEXIS customers across the rest of Europe later in the year.

Joël Toremans, Chief Executive of Dexis, commented: “We are delighted to be working with InVMA to deploy AssetMinder® to our customers. Our ambition is to be at the heart of Industry 4.0. Industrial sectors who are experiencing a major revolution with the rise of machine-to-machine technologies. The conjunction of sensors, automatons, cloud, data analysis, and smart algorithms is transforming industrial models. Partnering with InVMA has helped us and our clients on their digital journey and to stay one step ahead of the competition and our close cooperation will mean that this is just the start of our digital transformation.”

Peter Stephens, CEO of InVMA, commented: “This partnership is great news for manufacturers and other organizations seeking to transform their operations and maintenance practices. By bringing together Dexis’s customer base and predictive maintenance services capabilities with our experience and expertise delivering IIoT platforms and solutions in a SaaS environment, we can help make it much quicker and easier for customers to adopt these  solutions and maximize the benefits of digital transformation.”

InVMA’s Chief Operating Officer, Jon Hill, and Allan Findlow, Managing Director of Hayley247’s Drive Management Services Division will be sharing AssetMinder® OEE improvement use cases at the British Plastics Federation ( webinar on 25th May at 13:00 – 14:00 CET. Register here

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