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Practical introduction to Digital Transformation and Industrial IoT

It seems, everyone is talking about digital transformation, IoT and Industry 4.0, but how can this technology translate into a business value? How can you use technology to reach your business goals in faster, safer, and more effective ways?

To help companies cut through this noise, InVMA has developed a Discovery Workshop that interactively helps companies realise specific benefits and value hidden in their organisation.

This workshop has been structured around successful digital transformation projects, with implementations ranging from simple remote monitoring to complex use of machine learning and predictive analytics for scheduling maintenance, maximising uptime and improved asset monitoring/management.

Read the Discovery Workshop Brochure for OperationsRead the Discovery Workshop Brochure for Products

Discovery Workshop objectives:

Discovery Workshop helps you to:

Identify the top potential business applications of IoT to your business

Create or refine 1 – 3 potential Use Cases

Outline the accompanying ​Business Case

Take the first step to a succesful IoT project