Innovation Sprint

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In 5 days, InVMA’s Innovation Sprint takes a customer from talking about an opportunity to having a prototype, customer feedback and a plan to deliver it.

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A proven first step

Innovation Sprint is a highly interactive workshop with key stakeholders across your organisation.  InVMA maps your strategy to take advantage of the opportunities for the  transformation journey in your organisation. ​

Innovation Sprint helps you identify actions that will to help you move quickly through your transformation journey to capture value from the Internetof Things.

Innovation Sprint helps you to:

  • Identify the top potential business applications of IoT to your business

  • Create or refine 1 - 3 potential Use Cases

  • Outline the accompanying ​Business Case

Innovation Sprint Agenda

The Innovation Sprint starts with structured discussions to create a path for the upcoming days. The objective of the first day is to agree a long-term goal, form a map of the challenge, extract knowledge from your company's experts and agree an ambitious but manageable opportunity that you can address in a workshop week.

Second day starts with a review of existing ideas that you will remix and improve to come up with solutions. During this session, following a four-step process that emphasises critical thinking, each person will sketch an idea. The best of these sketches will form the basis of the plan later in the week.

On the 3rd day, each solution from the previous session is critiqued and decision is made of which idea have the best chance of achieving your long-term goal. In the afternoon you’ll take the winning scenes from your sketches and weave them into a story-board that will form a step by step plan for your prototype.

This session aims to use acceleration tools, hardware, software and techniques to turn an outlined prototype outlined and will into a reality. This basic prototype will be then tested with the target customer.

Last day of the Innovation Sprint allows for the customer to interact with the concept while being observed by the group. The workshop will end with an outline on the scope of the project and a clear plan to execute it.