Making 4th Industrial Revolution a reality for Oil & Gas Industry

Making 4th Industrial Revolution a reality for Oil & Gas Industry

Last month InVMA announced a partnership with the XL Global Group (, a multi-discipline technology and engineering group who specialise in turnkey solutions for the Oil & Gas and associated industries.

The goal of the partnership is to create a most comprehensive, end-to-end industrial IoT solution for offshore, oil & gas and wider IIoT industry, enhanced by specialised industry knowledge and the very best of available technology.

Aquidata’s business is founded on data, and for the past 20 years they have been building systems that acquire, correct, convert, calculate, store, visualise, and report data. Their business is predominantly in offshore oil & gas, and specifically the very specialised part of the industry that deals with how produced hydrocarbons, or “Hydrocarbons Won and Saved” (the official terminology) are processed, measured, and accounted for.  

Aquidata already had a track record in measurement and production data management, and a mature suite of very specialised products, but wanted to leverage their existing skills to address the ever-increasing demand for data gathered from an ever-increasing variety of sensors, not only oil & gas, but across all industry sectors.

Collaboration with InVMA, PTC, and Thingworx, allowed Aquidata to provide a more generic and more agile version of the industry specific platform that their already had. Thingworx provides the basic data management platform, but it’s analytics and augmented reality capabilities go far beyond expectation and will give Aquidata the capability to deliver the type of solutions the Oil and gas industry are searching for today.

To find out more about the partnership watch the video:

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