Industrial Connectivity - Is Your Data Holding You Back?

Industrial Connectivity - Is Your Data Holding You Back?

Many manufacturers aren’t harnessing their data for optimal performance and business growth. Ask yourself if your data is actionable—or just another missed opportunity:​​​. Here are three questions to ask about your industrial connectivity:

1. Is your data timely?

Do you have real-time insight into your daily industrial operations and production assets?

Real-time visability enables you to: make decisions in real time, improve awareness of your industrial environment and  easily prepare for production changes. With greater agility from data connectivity solutions, Cirrus Tech, an automation technology company in the warehousing industry, decreased their response time on the plant floor to less than two seconds.

2. Is your data integrated?

Do you have seamless, integrated connectivity between your diverse automation devices and business applications?

Integrated connectivuty helps: streamline your plant floor operations and protocols for increased productivity, ensure smoother day-to-day operations—across your industrial ecosystem and the global enterprise as well as decrease human error and stress.

For instance, with their streamlined, integrated data, a rubber compound manufacturer cut their prime material use by 7%.

3. Is your data easy to manage?

Do you have customisable control over your data and insight into historical trends? Is your data management system intuitive and easy to use?

With customisable control you can determine enterprise-wide metrics that drive financial value and business growth, simplify data use from the plant floor to the top floor and ensure scalable assets through single-source data connectivity.

With their customised data connectivity, JBT Corporation, a technology solutions company in the Aerotech industry, worked more efficiently with airports of different sizes by scaling from 2,500 data points to millions.

If you answered 'NO' to any of the above questions,your latent, siloed, and cumbersome data could be hurting your industrial ecosystem.

Integrated data connectivity systems transform your industrial data from disorganised to digestible. This enhances real-time accessibility, improves holistic visibility, and increases data control. Read "How to extend your Industrial Assets beyond what you have"


The Future of Multi-Plant Benchmarking for Improved Performance

Review Key Survey Findings About Multi-Plant Benchmarking

Manufacturers have a lot to gain from implementing plant benchmarking initiatives—including enhanced operational performance, greater data visibility, more data-based best practices enablement, and more.

In The Future of Multi-Plant Benchmarking for Improved Performance research paper, IndustryWeek breaks down key findings from their 2018–2019 survey of manufacturers. The report explores:

  • Challenges, best practices, and other results driven by multi-plant benchmarking in modern manufacturing
  • The role of IoT in confident, successful benchmarking data collection
  • IoT investment trends, and how different manufacturers are choosing their investment strategies