Delivering Better Outcomes through Remote Monitoring of Assets

Delivering Better Outcomes through Remote Monitoring of Assets

Service leaders are often tasked with driving more revenue and profitability. Reactive service models, high inventory of service parts and high logistics costs can significantly impact the bottom line. Moreover, if your technicians or customers struggle to identify the correct technical information or parts, your parts revenue can be lost to competitors. 

Therefore, manufacturers need to identify underlying issues corroding their revenue and proactively engage to maximise their asset’s avaiability, ensure customer satisfaction and drive cost effectiveness and profitability.

Nowadays, service organisations are looking to the future to enable predictive and proactive service. Leveraging real-time data coupled with the ability to interact with the equipment remotely drives business process and therefore impacts operational effectiveness.  

OEMs can differentiate themselves from the competition by aligning with their customer’s needs and ultimately providing outcome based service offerings. By leveraging connected technology manufacturers are able to service their equipment by:

  • Tracking and monitoring product location, performance, utilisation, and condition; OMEs know where your products are and how they’re performing.
  • Leverageing the data to track trends and gain an understanding of anomaly conditions and trouble areas

This means that the cornerstones of the service business imperatives: faster service, operational efficiency and business growth are enhanced thanks to remote monitoring.

​​​​​Explore the new face of remote monitoring, and how to employ it to support real-time analytics to drive data-driven decision making. Dowload the'Quick Wins and Long-Term Results with Remote Monitoring' to  explore the new generation of tools that are helping turn that data into deeper, more robust analytics than ever thought possible. find out how intelligent remote monitoring and cognitive systems can work together to deliver powerful results, enabling systems to react in an autonomous fashion to events.


Quick Wins and Long-Term Results with Remote Monitoring

Service leaders are using remote monitoring and IoT connectivity to become more efficient, proactive and successful. Read the eBook to learn how to:

  • Transform your service department into a revenue-driving leader across the company.
  • Solve service issues before they happen with predictive analytics.
  • Gain in-depth data on customers’ machine use and tool performance.
  • Reduce truck rolls and arm technicians with the right information and the right tools before they go into the field.