Gartner's Heavy Manufacturing Industry Insights

Gartner's Heavy Manufacturing Industry Insights

Gartner's recent report provides insights for CIOs looking to navigate digital transformation

From rapid emerging technology advancements and market opportunities, to the uncertainty of international trade agreements, heavy manufacturing CIOs find themselves at a crossroads.

Specifically, there is a current need for market agility and innovation that runs counter to traditional heavy manufacturing business practices. By design, operations have been methodically planned and incrementally adapted over a lifecycle spanning years. Despite this, a need to embrace Industry 4.0, increase industrial connectivity, and provide next-gen BI/analytics creates opposing pressures against the status quo. This conflict is the central challenge facing heavy manufacturing CIOs: how can we ensure stability and continuity, while undertaking innovations required for continued growth? Or to ask the question more pointedly, how can we make innovation decisions that are correct and timely?

While this challenge defies easy answers, Gartner has provided some direction in the form of a recent survey-driven report. 2018 CIO Agenda: Heavy Manufacturing Industry Insights reflects research conducted with over 200 CIOs from leading heavy manufacturers. There are key trends revealed by the participants, including:

  • Recognising the top business objectives that IT innovation must support. Business goals drive technology innovation, and CIOs are clear in what their executive teams are prioritizing in the current climate.
  • Evaluating which capabilities will best deliver required IT innovation. With a results-first perspective, many CIOs agree on which new capabilities and solutions will deliver meaningful change.
  • Assessing and reprioritising tech spending, including where to reduce budget. CIOs acknowledge that pursuit of these capabilities will require rebalancing budgets, sometimes in counterintuitive ways.
  • Where CIOs see themselves on their innovation roadmap. Most heavy manufacturing market leaders understand there is an opportunity to innovate, but it's a long process to go from recognising the need for digitalisation, to operationalising that technology across the organisation.

In addition to how CIOs see their own challenges, Gartner utilised this data to generate a series of strategic recommendations. From vetting the right projects to maximise success, to methods for creating a culture that embraces digital innovation, Gartner's 2018 CIO Agenda: Heavy Manufacturing Industry Insights provides a roadmap that will help manufacturing leaders navigate the challenges and accelerate change.

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