How Industrial Manufacturers can survive and thrive after pandemic

How Industrial Manufacturers can survive and thrive after pandemic

As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads across the world, we know the importance of having your company protect your workers health and well-being. Industrial companies like yours, are looking for help to navigate this disruption while ensuring the safety of your employees and your business.

Keeping Employees Safe and Connected

Adapting to a new way of working remotely during this pandemic can be especially challenging but not impossible. For instance, you can improve safety and communications in you factory with a remote assistance solution like, Vuforia Chalk. If you’re looking for a way to scale remote assistance across your company, you can leverage this technology for free for the duration of the pandemic.

Increasing Productivity

Gaining real-time insights into your factories is critical right now to ensure uptime of assets and identify opportunities for increasing productivity. InVMA is helping companies such as CooperVision with a fully connected shop floor for real-time asset monitoring and predictive maintenance without impacting production or modifying existing assets.

Creating Real-time Visibility to Reduce Cost & Increase Productivity

Today you need to make difficult choices regarding where to cut costs, rebalance operations, and identify opportunities to increase productivity. Companies quickly and securely establish real-time visibility into their factories leading to increased uptime, productivity and reduced costs. In addition, integrated real-time alerts empower maintenance teams with the right information to immediately determine the root cause of downtime and other inefficiencies—and even prevent downtime through predictive analysis.

InVMA can help you in today in focusing on maintaining your operations while dealing with protecting on-site employees and managing a new set of remote workers.

Planning for Recovery and Beyond

Finally, you must also prepare for the long term. InVMA is enabling manufacturers to achieve double-digit improvements in key KPIs such as factory output, OEE increase and inventory reduction. We have solutions and expertise to help you drive impact, scale and speed within weeks, not months. Our customers have achieved:

  • Unplanned Downtime Cut by 30%
  • 30% in Capital Spend Avoidance
  • Capacity Increased in 11 Production Lines

We can help you address your immediate needs while preparing you for tomorrow

If you heed help with prioritising your company’s needs, book a free workshop that guarantees the success of your Digital Transformation.


Planning for a successful IoT project

IoT projects can be daunting prospects. The IoT is by nature complex and dynamic. Once your organisation has committed to developing an IoT strategy, it has to accept the reality of a vastly increased number of devices on its network, ever-changing user bases and ever-moving endpoints, and, crucially, a much, much larger volume of data to process than ever before.

Unfortunately, in many cases, the problems start long before the project has got off the ground. IoT strategies are complex to implement, and a high proportion of them fail before completion. This is costly, can impact on operational efficiency and drag down morale. How, then, can you plan for a successful IoT project? Here are 7 key areas to consider, which we will cover in more detail:

  • Ensuring accountability
  • Evaluating vendors
  • Understanding failure
  • Network capability
  • Handling data
  • Security
  • Looking to the future