Top Three Most Dangerous Phrases in IoT

Top Three Most Dangerous Phrases in IoT

Adopting new technology takes time, money and work - and there are always roadblocks along the way. In today's article we are looking at the most dangerous phrases that can stall your IoT initiatives and how to keep them from holding you back.

#1. "We've always done it this way"

This one phrase is the killer for many digitization projects. in today's ever-advancing world all technology quickly becomes outdated. This hurts your bottom line as your competitors are embracing more modern, efficient methods. The key to defuse this dangerous phrase is to to start small with the none disruptive, high value solution, such as Remote Monitoring. With real time performance data, Remote Monitoring provides unparalleled predictive maintenance enablement - a clear driver value for all service models. easily integrating with your current machines, Remote Monitoring answers the "We've always done it this way" mindset with easy integration while clearly showing the value of an IoT Platform

#2. "We can do this ourselves"

Your IT department is great at what it does but keeping complex technology running is not an easy task. While internal IoT solutions might be possible, it will be a huge lift to create and maintain. The solution is an out of the box ,user-friendly IoT Platform that requires minimal IT intervention. you get all benefits of the vendor's expertise and support without straining your IT team with putting together workarounds or going through extensive training for the new technology.

#3. "Why change now?"

It often seems easier to let the other guys try the new technology first. Instead of taking on what might be a risky, costly implementation. Especially if you're not sure of the reward. A Remote Monitoring based IoT plan can be a solution for this roadblock. It includes almost immediate time to value through increased service ROI and bottom line impact. Fast results show management how much IoT can help across the enterprise and how NOT changing can actually change your business. After all, IoT is mainstream in many industries. It's early adoption days are long gone.

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Mastering the 6 Levels of IoT Success

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