What can the Made Smarter pilot offer and who qualifies?

What can the Made Smarter pilot offer and who qualifies?

When the Made Smarter initiative started at the beginning of 2019, InVMA were one of the first appointed suppliers to the campaign. Since already some of the first success stories are emerging, from Food Companies , Manufacturers and even Puppet Makers, in my previous blog article, I explained how some of the pioneering North West SMEs are using the Made Smarter initiative to support their Industry 4.0 projects. This week I'll focus on what Made Smarter can offer to your organisation and the funding criteria that need to be met in order to apply for it.

UK Government and some of the major UK organisations have made a host of resources available to North West based SME’s. Businesses can take advantage of the scheme to help them with the adoption of Digital Technologies. Made smarter initiative offers:

  • Access for staff to a Industry 4.0 course run by Lancaster University
  • A host of different knowledge sharing events
  • £20M of Government match funding available to support digital initiatives

As one of Made Smarter's pre-approved suppliers, we are currently developing projects with industrial companies to help visualise the performance of their assets and manufacturing processes. As the initiatives sparks interest from our partners and customers, we are often asked about the criteria being applied and who would qualify. Here are some guidelines issued for companies considering their application:

  • The company must be manufacturing in the North West (Cheshire and Warrington, Cumbria, Lancashire, Greater Manchester and Liverpool City Region.)
  • SME’s who employ less than 50 staff
  • Companies who have an annual revenue either themselves or through their parent group of less than €50M euros

Our recommendation is to engage directly with the Made Smarter team who can guide you through the process to confirm eligibility. Look out for our next blog entry, where we anticipate being able to confirm the details of our first project, scheduled to be deployed in August 2019.

If you would like to explore more about how Made Smarter and InVMA could help you, download this brochure.


Independent report: Made Smarter Review

An industry-led review exploring how UK manufacturing can maximise benefits from increasing adoption of digital technology through a strong industry and government partnership,

The review focuses on 3 priority areas informed by the main challenges business face:

  • Leadership: more ambitious, informed and focused leadership, including the creation of a Made Smarter Commission
  • Adoption: more widespread adoption of IDTs across supply chains, especially within SMEs
  • Innovation: faster innovation and creation of new IDTs, new IDT companies / value-streams and new capabilities to sustain UK competitive advantage

Professor Juergen Maier was commissioned by government to put forward proposals for an Industrial Digitalisation sector deal in the Industrial Strategy green paper.