Data from connected equipment, lines, processes and facilities is pouring into factories. The information locked in these data streams can transform how you manage your operations, solve issues and adapt to change. But managing that data and making it useful for the right purpose, at the right place and time, is no easy task. Can your decision-makers get the answers they need to make timely decisions?

Industrial IoT impact

A world of interconnected data has changed the way we live and work. Our expectations have changed, too. Customers, partners, employees—everyone expects customised products, seamless and personalised experiences, and immediate access. Gaining value from your production and IIoT data to meet these growing expectations requires specialised, industry expertise and an end-to-end solution. You can reduce your costs, improve your users’ experience, and get more from your maintenance and training efforts with a AssetMinder® SaaS and Thingworx platforms for real-time connected asset management and remote condition monitoring.

Improve the performance of your enterprise

Global competition and cost pressures are escalating the need for manufacturers to have full visibility into operations and to identify areas for improvement. Without real-time performance visibility and responsiveness, you face inconsistent performance across lines, cells and plants. As mass customisation drives up inventory, work in progress (WIP) and tooling costs, delays in production schedules are affecting time to market and reducing market share.

Operational intelligence gives you visibility from your top floor to your shop floor, enabling real-time performance management so you can reduce your costs while increasing the flexibility and agility of your manufacturing networks. Your starting place is implementing real-time, factory floor–wide monitoring and management. Enhance these capabilities with sophisticated tracking and performance analytics. And then optimise your enterprise by applying AR to identify additional automation and service delivery opportunities.

When you have comprehensive, real-time insights into every aspect of performance across your factory floor, you can use that knowledge to make informed decisions and maximise business results.

Optimise your assets

Manufacturers are under constant pressure to keep up with increasing product complexity while reducing costs. Unplanned downtime and unexpected capital expenses add to this pressure and are very disruptive and costly. Without the ability to anticipate equipment failures and identify root cause, you lose significant amounts of time and money.

Intelligent Asset Optimisation offers real-time monitoring, diagnostics, and predictive and prescriptive analytics that give you critical insights into your assets. With visibility into your assets’ capacity, performance and health status, you can avoid unplanned downtime and maximise your asset utilisation.

Start transforming your factory floor with asset monitoring and predictive maintenance. Use digital work instructions for the task at hand. Build on these capabilities with more sophisticated AR performance and maintenance tools. Complete your transformation with remote maintenance access and prescriptive asset optimisation.

Real-time asset monitoring and assessment can reduce both planned and unplanned downtime, improve first-time fix rates, increase return on assets, improve asset utilisation, and reduce maintenance and equipment costs.

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